3 Reasons Why Are Tiny Houses The Future of Home-owning

I already talked about how environmentally friendly tiny houses are. I also wrote about how you can take your home with you and how little do you have to worry about money.

Still not convinced that tiny houses are the future?

Let me give you 3 reasons why everybody should consider owning a tiny house.

1. Electricity is in the past

We all know electricity is very expensive. Besides that it is not good for the environment. A tiny house is perfect for getting rid of that electricity bill and getting a free and long-term energy source. You can be a proud owner of solar energy. It lasts really long, besides the solar panels you would have to install (probably on your roof) you have no cost with it and the environment will be forever grateful to you.

2. Create your dream home

Imagine having a little space, where you can put anything you want. You don’t have to spend a lot on things you put in this space because the things will be smaller than for a big place.

What you just saw in your head was a tiny house. You can have anything you ever wanted in your home as long as you don’t dream of big, fancy chandeliers.

If you buy the place where your tiny house will be, you can also dream of the things to put around like a garden or a place to relax. If a small space isn’t an issue for you, the possibilities are endless.

3. Cheap to decorate, easy to clean

I wrote above how you can have anything you want in your tiny house. Because it is a smaller place to fill, everything you will put in there will be less expensive than usual. And besides all of that, imagine how easy is to clean such a small space. Maintaining a house and cleaning it can be exhausting, while with a tiny house, you can be finished in minutes!


Is Your Mattress Older Than 5 Years – Here’s Why You Need a New One

Is your mattress getting old? Does it make weird noises while you turn? Do you feel its insides? Are you waking up tired?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, this might be the sign that you need a new mattress. You must have heard that it is good to change your mattress every 5 to 7 years. Have you ever wondered why?

It wears out

As every item that we use repeatedly, a mattress also can wear out over time. If we sleep on it every day, it will slowly sink. We can get it dirty or forget to flip it every once in a while. If you are a kicker and a turner at night, you move a lot and all of these things contribute to the fact that your mattress just gives up.

Worn out foam

It also doesn’t matter what the mattress foam is made of; no matter how hard you like your bed, the foam will “get lost” with time and you will be left with nothing but springs and a hard sunken mattress.

Sleeping on a worn out mattress is not a good night rest, especially if you have one of those that have springs in them. Feeling those in the middle of the night is not pleasant.

Just looking at it

Have you ever taken a close look of your mattress while changing the sheets? Does it still look as good as it did when you bought it? Or does it look dirty, dusty and old? It doesn’t matter if you can’t see all of these things with the sheets on. Through the years, your mattress is giving you signals that it would be a good time to change it.

Do the bed bugs bite?

Have you ever thought about the things your mattress “gets” from you at night: your dry skin, germs because we were too lazy to shower that one night. How about the bacteria of all the times we were sick? If not for anything else, you should change your mattress because of your hygiene and well being.…

3 Advantages That Will Make You Want to Move Into a Tiny House

Are you looking to change things up in your home area?
Are you looking for a smaller place to live?
Are you an easy-going person who doesn’t need much?
Moving into a tiny house might just be your cup of tea.

Here are 3 advantages of a tiny house that will make your decision quite easier.

Travel the world with your house

Are you a kind of person who doesn’t want to live in one place? Do you want to see the world but don’t want to live in hotels and hostels?

Moving into a moveable tiny house is the best solution for you. Not only will you be home every step of the way, but you also won’t have to worry about the expenses and reservations hotels bring.

A cheap version of your dream house

If you are someone that is simple, doesn’t dream of luxury and is satisfied with small space and doesn’t want to have too much expenses; then a tiny house is the right choice. Building a tiny house can be pretty easy if you have a vision for it. If you know what you want and you don’t rely on others to do it for you; building a tiny house can be a piece of cake.

Even the expenses of building it won’t cost as much as a normal house does in any way. And the best part: once it’s built you have no worries, because the costs are so minimal, they will shock you.

Taking care of the environment

I haven’t met a single person who wouldn’t want to contribute something to the environment. We all love our planet, we just don’t show it. By moving into a tiny house you will contribute so much to the Earth and you won’t even do anything. Besides that your wallet will be happy. Tiny houses are really environmentally friendly and with the right adjustments can give you long-term resources for free.…