About My Blog

Welcome to Donor Town Square. My name is Douglas Walden and I am from Eagleville, Pennsylvania. I would like to invite you to the world of information this blog offers.
I created this blog with a single goal in mind: to help people.
I love to write. I love to see people happy after they leave a blog’s page with the information they needed.

I write different posts about lifestyle; that means anything from accommodation like mobile homes and tiny houses, to furniture and home aesthetic. I can tell you and advise you what is good for you and your home and what you should consider while making long-term decisions.

I will try to give you the best advice about your home and I will warn you about the things you perhaps didn’t heard of before.

Besides blog posts you can visit my Contact page, where I am open to all kinds of questions you might have. There is never enough information a single post can contain and there are always questions after reading something.

So read some of my blog posts to get to know me and find out something new every time you read.